Current Projects

Project Name:FDA Water Main Replacement

The purpose of this job is to provide a Water Main Replacement for the FDA Bothell Pacific Northwest Laboratory. Work includes a labor, material, equipment to address removal and installation of new water main piping as detailed in attached Statement of Work.

Contract Number:47PL0119C0007
Owner/Agency:General Services Administration
Location:Bothell, WA
Project Name:Renovations for Port Ops, B2110

Provide coordination, design and construction services necessary to renovate Building 2110 for the Port Operations Weld Shop. The building is currently an unheated storage space. This project includes but is not limited to demolition of interior asphalt floor and construction of the following elements in this approximately 4,500 SF building: brand new building utility services, reinforced concrete floor, upgraded electrical service, fire alarm, fire reporting. Project shall deliver finished facilities and infrastructure which shall be ready for tenant use upon final inspection and acceptance.

Contract Number:N4425518F4447
Owner/Agency:Naval Station Everett
Location:Everett, WA
Project Name:Remove Hypobaric Chamber Device, B2758

This project will remove the Low Altitude Decompression Chamber, or more commonly known as Low Pressure Chamber (LPC) from building 2758 and prepare the facility to support the new Norma-baric Hypoxia Trainer (NHT). This project will include removal of Existing Hypobarid Equipment and all work that is for the disposal of existing equipment, such as removal of walls, trainer, equipment, labor, material for cleanup and repair of walls and floors.

Contract Number:N4425518C7003
Owner/Agency:NAVFAC NW, PWD Whidbey Island
Location:NAS Whidbey Island
Project Name:South Whidbey Fire and EMS Station 36 Bayview Station

The project consists of furnishing all labor, materials and other incidentals for the construction of a new 16,454 S.F. Fire Station and Administration Offices to be the central facility for SWFEMS.

Contract Number:SWFS36
Owner/Agency:Central Facility Station 36
Location:Langley, WA
Project Name:Replace Lift Stations at Ohanapecosh Campground, Mount Rainier

Replace two wastewater lift stations in Loops A & F of Ohanapecosh Campground at Mount Rainier National Park.

Contract Number:140P8318C010
Owner/Agency:National Park Service
Location:Mount Rainier National Park
Project Name:FY18 Airfield Repairs

Repair 75 concrete panels approximately 12.5′ by 15′.

Contract Number:N4425518C7000
Owner/Agency:NAVFAC NW, PWD Whidbey Island
Location:NAS Whidbey Island
Project Name:FDA Bothell Phase III Restroom and Lunchrooms Remodel

To repair and renovate aging lunch room and kitchenette facilities to create a positive work environment. This project will utilize a highly collaborative design build delivery. The main objectives are; improve energy and water efficiency, reduce spread of germs, meet ABA accessibility codes and improve the ability to operate and maintain the facilities.

Contract Number:GS-10-P-16-LT-D-7001/47PL01187F0039
Owner/Agency:General Services Administration
Location:Bothell, WA
Project Name:Provide Safety and Security Upgrades, B892

This project will provide safety and security upgrades to the Booster Pump Station area, Facility 892. Components of the project include retrofitting the existing 7 foot high security fence by installing diagonal truss rods or tubular horizontal bracing, and repairing the three-strand barbed wire outriggers on top, where required. Project will also install “Restricted Area” signage on security fencing. In addition, a plumbed, emergency eyewash/shower will be installed near Building 892 and an air eliminator tank will be properly grounded.

Contract Number:N4425517F4276
Owner/Agency:NAVFAC NW, PWD Whidbey Island
Location:NAS Whidbey Island
Project Name:Airfield Paving Repairs for FY17

Airfield paving repairs for FY17, NAS Whidbey Island.

Contract Number:N44255-16-D-0003-0006
Owner/Agency:NAVFAC NW PWD Whidbey Island
Location:NAS Whidbey Island
Project Name:Oak Harbor Clean Water Facility

Four subcontracting projects for Hoffman Construction on their Oak Harbor Clean Water Facility Project: Doors, Frames and Hardware; Metal Framing, Drywall and Acoustical Ceilings; Concrete Work; Toilet Compartments and Metal Lockers.

Contract Number:5100014
Owner/Agency:Hoffman Construction
Location:Oak Harbor, WA
Project Name:NAS Whidbey Island Hospital Renovations

Renovations to the hospital at NAS Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, WA.

Owner/Agency:Gilbane NHOH
Location:NAS Whidbey Island