Valdez Construction works with local, state and federal government agencies to provide regional construction services. As an 8(a) company, they understand how important it is for an experienced contractor to efficiently manage government projects. With a commitment to providing exceptional quality control, onsite safety and experienced construction management services, Valdez Construction is an excellent choice for small and large government projects.

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Civil and
Heavy Construction

Valdez Construction has more than 15 years of construction management experience, with a special expertise in the Pacific Northwest region. As a full-service construction management company, their diverse group of employees has the technical experience and knowledge to offer high-quality results at affordable prices. Valdez Construction is experienced in offering commercial and land improvements, as well as site preparations.

Valdez Construction has experience in all phases of civil construction, including advanced knowledge of underground utility construction, excavation, hauling and grading and demolition. Valdez Construction is committed to providing excellent customer service, high quality results and timely job completion.

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Heavy Construction Projects

Waterfront and Marine

Valdez Construction has completed a variety of projects along the shorelines of the Puget Sound area. Whether it is utilizing 3D models and GPS machine controls to perform beach habitat restorations or fusing HDPE pipe to install a high bluff storm drain outfall, Valdez Construction has the ability and resources to construct a variety of waterfront and marine projects.

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Commercial and multifamily project often require extensive permitting and planning, which may vary depending on the locale. Valdez Construction excels at identifying and understanding permit and regulatory processes, and having the resources to manage and construct large scale projects.

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Design Build

Valdez Construction offers design-build services. They work with qualified engineers and architects to create custom designs and offer superior construction services. Design-build services are commonly referred to as D/B and are rapidly becoming a popular approach to mainstream constructionas they provide for better client involvement during the entire project, from beginning to end.

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Valdez Construction works with private land and homeowners to create custom site and septic designs. As an expert in site preparation, Valdez Construction’s experienced employees analyze land’s surrounding areas and potential home sites to help maximize land use.

With more than 15 years of experience working in the residential construction market, Valdez Construction has worked with award-winning builders to produce exceptional results. Whether it’s working with builders or creating unique custom homes for private landowners, Valdez Construction strives to make the building process as easy and straightforward as possible.

Valdez Construction helps take visions and turns them into realities. They make the custom home building experience enjoyable, providing a systematic approach that thoroughly analyzes land’s features and custom home architecture. Valdez Construction wants homeowners to take pride in their custom creations, which allows dreams to become personal retreats. A house is more than a structure; it should be a home, which highlights life’s memorable moments. Valdez Construction’s commitment to superior workmanship and service is highlighted in these custom home designs.

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Valdez Construction has successfully completed a wide variety of industrial projects that required extensive upfront planning and coordination. By teaming with the best subcontractors we have the ability to complete a diverse range of industrial projects.

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