Broad View Elementary

Broad View Elementary Paving and Drainage Project for Oak Harbor School District.

Coupeville High School Track and Field Areas Improvement

Beynon Subcontract – Provided construction services for a new sports running track as well as improve the field areas for Coupeville High School.  Services provided: excavation, paving, construction of drainage strips.

Area 6 Debris Removal for NAVFAC NW, NASWI

Removed and properly dispose of approximately 53 metal clad flotation sections of pier,
wooden sections of pier, miscellaneous objects, foreign debris and trash located within 60
feet of pier. Restored area landscaping to a uniform condition.

Drainage Sitch Cleaning, Wolf Creek Federal Services, NASWI

Drainage ditch clearing on the Aultfield Main Drainage ditches on NAS Whidbey Island.
Subcontractors for Wolf Creek Federal Services.